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Welcome to Aegis Investigations, located in Asheville North Carolina.

We proudly serve the Western North Carolina area 24 hours a day 7 days a

week. At Aegis Investigations we know that hiring the services of a private investigator can be a daunting task, at a very emotional time in your life. 

We have over 18 years of experience in Law Enforcement and specialized training in homicide, cold case homicide, sexual assault and

domestic violence, child abuse, forensics, missing persons and

stalking's. With that experience, we know that a professional

investigation and case report can be crucial in a court of law, whether

it is a homicide case to a divorce. 

Aegis Investigations offers professional, effective and discreet

investigations in the following areas:

In the state of North Carolina, all private investigators must be licensed

with the Private Protection Services Board and attend continuing

education classes. At Aegis Investigations we go above and beyond

the required classes to maintain we are trained in the latest technology

to provide the best services to you…our valued customer.

We at Aegis Investigations provide fast and efficient investigations,

contact with our clients when new information is discovered and

case reports.

We work with your attorney in providing you with the necessary

information for your case. It is always up to you, the client, to

determine when an investigation continues. When considering a

private investigation, we understand that costs can sometimes be a

factor and we strive to complete your case as quickly as possible.

We are full time, fully licensed and insured Private Investigators in

Asheville North Carolina. We maintain a strict confidentiality policy.

We offer Military, Law Enforcement and Fire Service personal

discounted service rates, please contact us for more information.