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Online Dating

Posted on 20 February, 2014 at 10:07 Comments comments (0)
In the fast paced digital age, online dating has become a norm nowadays. It always brings to mind the commercial that put forth the point, "Not everything you read on the internet is true!" Sadly this goes for online dating, especially for online dating. My first word of advice is to PAY for your dating site. Free dating sites are just that, free. And open to well, every person just looking for a hookup. That typically means every person looking for a hookup that might not have a job  and perhaps have other undesirable things in their background. One new scam on the free dating sites are for a woman to post a profile, start chatting and then request money for help to come to the United States. Yes I know, that was pretty obvious, however people get emotionally attached and yes, fall for it.
Again, go for the paid sites. has strict standards for their clients, that include not being married. If you find a married person on, REPORT THEM. will delete the profile and block their email from their site. Pretty darn cool, if you are seriously looking for serious relationship. A paid site will also weed out some of the people just looking for a one night stand. Note that I said SOME of the people. Of course, it is a dating website and one can LIE LIE and then LIE some more on their profiles.
So, you heed my advice, set up your profile on a PAID site, have some interest and decide to met somebody. Common sense tells you to meet for coffee or lunch in a public place. If you are a woman, go prepared to pay your way. Always give your log in information to your profile to a trusted friend. And ALWAYS and I don't mean sometimes, text a trusted friend where you are meeting, when and with who you are meeting. If you hit it off with the person and decide to go for a walk, be sure to update your friend. Also let your friend know, when you are home safe and sound. I have a friend that used me as her "trusted friend" and after three hours and no word from her, I was making preparations to send out a search and rescue team for her. That was until I finally got the text saying "Oh by the way, I am home safe and sound! He wasn't the one." This will drive your trusted friend NUTS, please don't forget us! And by the way, this does not make you have trust issues, this makes you SAFE.
After the first meeting, you find that you really like this person and make plans for second date. Then a third and then little flags start going off. Their employment doesn't equal what they claim to make. Their profile said they had a Masters Degree, however their spelling and language skills, don't really match. This is where I come into your romantic life! Our pre dating background check will either confirm that information on the profile page or it can confirm your little flags. It is is kinda of hard to start an honest relationship with a person, if it starts off with a lot of untruths, that roll into lies. Then again, he could have just failed at phonics, is a really bad speller in spite of a masters degree. 
It is ALWAYS best to find out BEFORE investing your heart.
Contact us for more information on our pre dating background.