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Missing Persons

The investigators at Aegis Investigations have specialized training in Missing Persons. We will work with law enforcement, nationwide

nonprofits and assist the families with reward posters, historical cell

data and computer data in order to bring your loved one home safe.

We do not charge any fees for our missing person service, unless travel is necessary. At that point we only charge the necessary travel fees (hotel and gas).

It is a common misconception that you must wait twenty four hours to
report a missing adult. While each law enforcement agency has it owns policies in regards to adult missing persons, almost all will not require
you to wait that long. First call the law enforcement agency in which the missing person was last seen, not the agency in which the missing person lived. For example, your loved one was last seen in Asheville, however
they are from Winston Salem, you would contact the Asheville Police Department. Provide all the information that you can to the officer,
to include clothing description, vehicle description, cell phone numbers, names and cell phone numbers of their friends and any recent
photographs of the missing loved one. This information will be
included in the report and entered into the NCIC database.

When contacting Aegis Investigations to assist in the search for a

missing person, please be prepared to provide a copy of the police

report or the name and telephone of the law enforcement detective

assigned to your case.

Any information as cell phone usage, social networking sites, email

addresses and passwords, location of dental records, fingerprints,

substance abuse and mental health history and those contacts should be shared with both the law enforcement detective and Aegis Investigations.

The greatest success rate in locating your missing loved one is when we

all work together as a team. Designate one family member as the contact

person for both law enforcement and Aegis Investigations and the media

if needed. Be sure to leave your cell phone on and be available at all hours

of the night for contact.

Social media is the fastest way to get information to a large number of people across the United States. Building a Facebook page and sharing

it with as many people as you can gets the word out. Be sure to make

your law enforcement detective and Aegis Investigation detective an

admin on the page, as people feel more comfortable providing

information though Facebook., is a database for missing persons and unidentified persons. Entries into is typically done by the law enforcement detective assigned to the case, after it has been determined that the missing person cannot be immediately found. The Namus database is maintained by the University of North Texas and includes such information as DNA, fingerprints, dental records and fingerprints. In some cases, family

members can enter their missing person with the assistance of a Namus volunteer advocate. If your case is accepted into Namus, be prepared to submit a DNA swabbing. For more information visit

Sadly, there are many people who like to capitalize on the heavy

emotional time of family searching for a missing loved one. Before

accepting help from these people, make sure that they are an accredited person or group. For a listing of IRS 501(c)3 non profits, visit

At Aegis Investigations missing person cases are worked pro-bono

which does not include necessary travel expenses.