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Additional Services

Internal Affair Investigations for Small Businesses

Small business owners often entrust their businesses to managers to handle day to day operations. When things begin to go amiss, Aegis Investigations can help uncover employee lost, embezzlement and other costly lost factors associated with a small business. Our experience in fraud and lost preventive can also safeguard your business to prevent additional losses.

Employment Background Check

At Aegis Investigations, we know that hiring an employee, whether it is to care for your children, elderly parent or to care for you pets while on vacation, can cause a great deal of stress. Our employment background check include checking for past criminal history, as well as social networking sites. Giving you peace of mind in knowing that your love ones will be in good hands. 

Dating Background Check

In this day and age, Aegis Investigations knows that many people are turning to Internet dating sites. We know that not everything on the Internet is true, most especially dating profiles! Our dating background check can uncover helpful information before you commit your heart! This background check also includes email searches and social networking sites. Dating Background Check $65.00

Asset Location

Aegis Investigations can assist you in locating hidden assets. While we do not do actual repossessions, we can locate it and stay with it until your repossession specialist arrives. We offer different levels of services in Asset Location please contact us for fees.

We offer Military, Law Enforcement and Fire Service personal discounted service rates, please contact us for more information.

Please contact us for fees for services not listed.