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Unfaithful Spouses

At Aegis Investigations we understand the emotional pain of suspecting a significant other is cheating and the potential life changing events it can cause. Sadly if you suspect that your significant other is having an affair, then it is more than likely your suspicions are very much true. Here are some of the signs to consider when suspecting an affair:

  • Increase in time away from home
  • Spouse is distracted or day dreaming at times
  • Decreased sexual interest with you
  • Spouse leaves the room or house to talk on the telephone
  • Spouse uses the computer alone and in secrecy
  • Spouse is always or often times “unavailable” while at work
  • Unexplained overnight trips for work
  • Increase of mileage and gas usage on the car which is unexplainable
  • Unexplained charges on bank accounts/statements (credit/debit)
  • Spouse begins to use a new email account or suddenly deletes messages
  • Unexplained websites were visited when you check the internet web browser history
  • Multiple calls to/from an unknown number noticed on the phone bill
  • Additional detail to appearance and clothing or changing clothes during the day.
  • Missing clothing or suddenly doing their own laundry.

While your first instinct is to attempt to catch your spouse in an affair by yourself, your emotions can misdirect you that can have unwanted effects in any future divorce proceedings. It is important to have clear factual information for your attorney and court. We have personal experience with these cases and your best interest is our first concern. We will work with both your attorney and you, to build a solid case.

We fully understand that having to hire an investigator to determine if your suspicions are true is possibly one of the hardest things you may have to do, especially when it feels that your life is spinning out of control. We understand that you are now faced with decisions that you never anticipated making and the fear of an unknown future, for you and your children. With this in mind, we ensure to be efficient, quick and discreet.

GPS Tracking

Aegis Investigations knows that each civil case is different, sometimes lengthy and time consuming. We offer GPS tracking units to assist us in saving our clients money and still obtain the information that they need. Please contact us for fees associated with these services.

Child Custody

Sadly, when faced with the ending of a marriage, the care of the children becomes foremost the divorce proceedings. Aegis Investigations is able to provide the information you need to make a sound solid decision in the matter of child custody and the factual information needed for your attorney.